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Rocker Reynolds Mixed Bonspiel


Many who now play in the Rocker Reynolds Mixed every spring, and try to win that much coveted trophy, don’t know who Ted Reynolds was or how it happened that this wind-up spiel was dedicated in his honour.

Ted was Mr. Curler of Grand Forks, and his job every fall was to turn the water off and on while ice was being made, in the Old Rink. Christina Lake curlers and Grand Forks curlers made the ice every fall with volunteer labour and volunteers often maintained it all winter. Ted was usually there, if only if see it was done properly.

In the days of natural ice when the weather turned warm, the best way to get a rock to the house was to “rock them down”. Ted would “rock” one every once in a while to see if he could still do it, hence the nickname “Rocker Reynolds”.

The idea for the trophy originated on the roof of the old rink, where Harold McPharlon and Tom McDonnel were shoveling off the snow. The final mixed was coming up, and Tom suggested to Harold that the bonspiel be dedicated to Ted Reynolds.

Bill Sookochoff was the president at the time, and the three agreed that it was a good idea, so a trophy and four smaller ones were ordered for the “A” event. Ted was on Jack Acres’ rink that year, and they won the “A” event.


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