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Congratulations winners of the
Grand Forks Mens Bonspiel 2013

                                 “A” Event Trophy Winners

                                             Left to Right:
Lead – Gerry Foster
2nd – Marcus Partridge
3rd – Russ Beauchamp
Skip – Fon Bedard


                             “B” Events Trophy Winners

Left to Right:
Lead – Dave Marshall
3rd- Gordon McIntosh
Presenter – Dave Barlett
Skip – Guy Dubeault
2nd – Jack Fullerton


                                “C” Event Trophy Winners

                                                   Left to Right:
Lead – George Last
2nd – John Ikari
3rd – Joe Hasebe
Skip – Gord Shimizu


2010Erinn & Michael

Congratulations Erinn Bartlett and Michael Hiram

It was a remarkable last day of 2010 for two outstanding athletes who learned to curl in Grand Forks. The drama unfolded all week at the North Shore Winter Club in North Vancouver and culminated today, Dec. 31st, when the Dailene Sivertson team of Victoria, with Erinn curling third and Jonathan Gardner’s team from Vernon, with Michael at second, won the BC Junior Women’s and Men’s curling titles, respectively.

Both of these teams finished the round robin on top of the standings with 6-1 records and went straight to the finals. To have these two Christina Lake residents curling in provincial finals on adjacent sheets is a remarkable story. And as a result of their victories they will now represent BC at the Canadian Championships in Calgary, January 29th – February 6th. Also curling with Erinn were Brandi Tinkler and Jesse Sanderson, along with Coach Cindy Tucker. Rounding out the Gardner squad were Michael Longworth, Jonathan Hatten and their Coach Mark Longworth.

There are three areas of Youth curling competition in BC; Juvenile, High School and Junior. With her win today Erinn has achieved the Triple Crown, having now won all three.

Needless to say we share not only in the joy and excitement that Michael and Erinn are feeling but also in the happiness and pride that their parents are experiencing: Teresa, Kim and Dave – well done!

One final note – the last day of curling before the Christmas break at CurlGF was Dec. 23rd. Erinn and Michael were both home for a short visit and on that final night of League curling Erinn subbed in the Men’s League and Michael was at the rink practicing on an open sheet of ice. Rather fitting that one week later they would reach the pinnacle of Junior curling in this province.