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GF Curling Rink 1909


 “In December 1909 the ice was put into the Grand Forks Curling Rink for the first time, and starting on January 5, 1910, sixteen teams from the Boundary Area (Grand Forks, Phoenix, Greenwood, and Mother Lode) participated in the inaugural President’s Cup Curling Bonspiel.”

Source: 1909-1910 GFCC Minutes


The 2009-2010 Curling Season marks 100 years of Curling in Grand Forks.  The Grand Forks Curling Club is hosting a number of different events to commemorate this historic occasion.

The Celebration started in September with the Curling Club Float, entered in the Annual Fall Fair Parade, taking first place in their Category. 

In November, the curlers, seasoned and first-timers alike, participated in a very enjoyable ‘Four for Four for Four for Fun’ one-day bonspiel.  All curlers were randomly placed on teams, and for a $4 entry fee, played four four-end games, with the best teams splitting the prize money.  This event brought out nineteen curlers who had never been in a bonspiel before.
Grand Forks Cup
The next two major celebratory events are the Annual Men’s and Women’s Combined Bonspiel on February 11-14, 2010, and the 45th Anniversary Rocker Reynolds Mixed Bonspiel on March 26-28, 2010.  The Grand Forks Curling Club would like to encourage all curlers to be part of history and join us during these two Bonspiels.

The Men’s teams in the Combined Bonspiel will all be curling their best to be the “A” Event winning team and have their names etched onto the 100 year old Grand Forks Cup.  (The Grand Forks Cup is known to be the oldest trophy still being actively played for in British Columbia, and probably in all of Canada.)  So gentlemen, if you have been fortunate enough to already have your name on this prestigious cup, why not return and defend your honour?

As part of the Combined Bonspiel, both the Men and Women’s teams will be participating in a Ford Hot Shots Competition, sponsored by Ford Canada Trail’s AM Ford, and local sponsors for prizes totally $1000 or more.  (Weather permitting, this event will be held outside, on natural ice, using corn brooms!)

The Official Centennial Celebrations are being held in conjunction with this year’s 45th Rocker Reynolds Mixed Bonspiel.  This has been designated ‘Homecoming Weekend’, in which the Curling Club is urging family and friends to return to Grand Fords to participate and make this Centennial Year Wrap-up Bonspiel a roaring success.  (Hopefully, weather permitting, this Rocker Reynolds will be twinned with some form of a Golf competition.)

Sandwiched between these two bonspiels, during the week of March 1-7 2010, the Grand Forks Curling Club is proud to be hosting the Men’s and Women’s Masters Provincial Championships.

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